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The church of Sv. Jiljí is a precious Roman-Gothic sight. A Roman church (the current sacristy) was built on the site of an old pagan place of sacrifice in the 11th century. The Gothic church was built and decorated with frescos between the 13th and 14th century. In the 14th century the priest in the church was Prech of Radec. His brother, Václav of Radec, was in 1379, a Prague capitulary and a big supporter of art. Frescos in the church can be dated back to the same time. The frescos depict the Crucifixion and Glorification of Jesus Christ and also of King Václav IV, King of Bohemia. Altars and the adjacent lich-house come from the Baroque period. In 1904 part of the church burnt down. The Gothic presbytery and frescos have, however, been preserved. The church was refurbished in its original style according to the plans of L. Labler between 1908 - 1909. The frescos were discovered in 1895 and renewed in 1953 by the painter Vladimír Terš.


AKTUALIZACE: Václav Pošmurný (TO 03) org. 2, 20.11.2005 v 11:14 hodin


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